Thinking about becoming a Misfit Sock Angel?


First Flight:  You might think about becoming acquainted

with the misfit sock pile on your laundry room floor. You know the pile -

those socks that have lost their match during the laundry cycle-

we all have one.  That's where we found the misfit sock magic, and still do.


Flashback: When our daughters were young they stood over our pile of misfit socks,

believing in their hearts that those socks were lonely having lost their perfect match.  

They wanted to make the sock feel loved again,

so during the Christmas season we dressed them up in their Sunday best,

decorating them with ribbons, felt and pom-poms and then stuffed them

with notes of happy good wishes, candy, jingle bells, recipes,

and more sweets and treats.  We surprised our neighbors on

Christmas Eve morning when we tied the misfit socks

with red ribbons on their doorknobs,  with a fun misfit sock poem.

That simple gesture and those misfit socks held the true spirit

of Christmas that year and a new family tradition for years to come.


                            This tradition eventually became a spirited Christmas story called,

                             The Misfit Sock. It's the tale of two socks who fall madly in love.  

                             They hope to never be apart but they know they have challenges

                             ahead: the dreaded laundry cycle. One sock becomes lost  and

                             the other left drippping in tears.  Immediately that sock labeled

 "a misfit" and is cast aside.  The sock eventually falls offf the msifit sock pile

and sits on the floor, lost, alone and forgotten for months.  Just as the sock loses all

hope, in blows a gust of Christmas magic, picks up the sock and fills it with a sense of

purpose and pride.   The other misfit socks are captivated by the socks magic and

are too transformed.   They all realize that they are the perfect GRATITUDE sock to

thank Santa, his elves and reindeer and that their mission is to fly out

into the world and to find their way into the hearts of every girl and boy

because in a hug a child knows that a misfit sock it meant to be loved and

offered as the priceless gift of JOY and gratitude for Santa.


The Misfit Sock storybook and tradition captures the true

essence of the Misfit Sock Angels project. The storybook also

comes with a misift sock and wish cards to add to the sock daily

throughout the season. The wish cards provide an opportunity to

express gratitude and foster conversation.  Many hang the sock and on

Christmas Eve fill the sock with gratitude goodies for Santa, his elves and reindeer.  

When Santa arrives, he reads all of the wish cards, enjoys the goodies and knows

enough to leave misfit sock behind for next year... and the tradition begins.


To learn more about The Misfit Sock:


The Misfit Sock Angels program carries on this tradition of magic, transformation, and JOY.




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