Misfit socks can be reimagined into so many wonderful gifts for the holiday season.

In order to earn your angel wings, you must participate in one of three

misfit sock gift-making projects. But your goodness doesn't stop there.  

Once you've created your misfit sock gift you have to decide where

you will offer your gift or to whom.  You might have to find a hospital or

shelter in your town/city that accepts donations/these kinds of gifts.  

Once you've finished your detective work, you must now FLY to your

destination and present your gift.  You can decide to do this quietly

or go as a group.  Don't forget that all Misfit Sock Angels tie their gifts

with a note of JOY to celebrate the season.


create your misfit sock gift:


  • SOCK DOLLS for local hospitals and family shelters

  • STUFFED MISFIT SOCKS for those in need of a Holiday smile

  • ANIMAL TOYS for local animal shelters

  • Collect socks and drop them off a shelters



Learn how to make these gifts in Take-off.

earn your misfit sock wings

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