There's lots of ways to make sock dolls, but some of the best ways come from your heart and your creative imagination. Angels, there's no right or wrong way to do this, so here are just a few ideas:





Sock dolls









The holidays are coming and there's nothing more magical than making somone happy, especially a child. There are countless young hearts across our country and our world that are suffering in some way. The gift of a sock doll might seem small but it can be truly priceless for offering comfort and a smile. And socks aren't just for girls--you can make socks for boys, too.


So..think about gathering a few of your friends, gathering a few of your misfit socks and making some magic happen.










Step One: Gather some friends.


Step Two: Have a conversation about the project. What kind of sock dolls, merry misfit sock, or animal toy would you'd like to make and where you would like to donate your sock gift?  You might need to do some research and find local hospitals/shelters/organizations that accept such donations. Most do.


Step Three: Gather your misfit socks and all of the supplies.


Step Four: Have a fun time.  Maybe you listen to Christmas music, watch a movie, eat some good food. Enjoy!


Step Five: Add a note card or a tag with a nice message of hope, joy or inspiration- a happy good wish.


Step Six: You might think about wrapping your sock gift like a present.


Step Seven: Deliver your gifts, Angels.


Step Eight: Tell us your story or post some pictures on Facebook, Twitter.


Step Nine: Rest, Angels, rest.  It's a busy season.






So...if you have accepted the challenge to become a Misfit Sock Angel, you must be ready to earn your wings, earn your patch and take-off.  Below you will find some projects.  Decide on the one project that feels right for you and get started. You will find ideas, videos and some inspiration.  Read through our "Wing Mates" for a successful flight. Should you have any questions, feel free to email us along the way. We are hovering and awaiting your take-off...FLY, Angels, FLY.


Keep checking back as we post some of your ideas...

Wing Mates

ideas for misfit Sock Ornamants

Making this sock snowman is so EASY.  Take a misfit TUBE sock--if it is a light color you can tea-dye the sock (just dip in hot tea for an hour). The tea-dye makes the snowman look rustic.


Dry sock and fill with raw rice. and then sectioned it off into three parts with rubber bands.


Add little details like buttons and fabric.

Here's another idea.  Watch as a mother makes this doll for her daughter...

merry misfit socks

This next project is the wind beneath the misfit sock's wings. It's simple and powerful. Collecting your misfit socks--dressing them up with ribbons and decorations and stuffing them with SIMPLE pleasures: little notes, candy, jingle bells, ornaments and tied with a wonderful holiday note of JOY, HOPE, GRATITUDE or INSPIRATION.  The misfit socks become transformed into Merry Misfit Socks....


The directions are the same as the Sock Doll project: gathering misfit socks, gather freinds, decide the beneficiaries of your sock philanthropy, how you'd like to decorate or stuff your socks and then formulate your drop-off /delivery plan!  FUN!!

Boston College students had fun with this project, hosting a SOCK HOP for charity to benefit local hospitals, shelters and the Troops.


misfits for animals

Animals just love the misfits.  Maybe because there are so many playful toys that can be made from misfit socks.  Use your imagination and have fun.  There are so many animals in local shelters that would just love a sock toy!



Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:



You can put a tennis ball inside a sock and tie a knot to secure it, this makes a great toss and fetch toy. Or take a plastic water bottle or pop bottle and place it inside the sock, tie a knot, and you have a fun crunchy toy. Or snap a carrot in half and place inside the sock. A sock ball can be made out of 2-4 long socks. Use one sock as the base and stuff other socks into it. Tie a firm knot in the base sock above the stuffed area, double the end of the base sock back over the entire ball, tie a knot above the stuffed area again. Continue repeating these steps until you can't anymore, then cut the end of the sock just above the last knot.









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